App Deployment Timeout


I linked a Bitbucket repo to Aerobatic and tried to deploy it, but it timed out.


Likely, your deployment is timing out due to the size of your repository. Although there is no fixed maximum repository size that can be deployed, generally, you should try to keep your deployed assets below 20 MB in total to ensure a successful deployment to Aerobatic.

Common steps to troubleshoot timeouts:
  1. Resize large images
  2. Create a separate repo / branch for some or all of your images / large files
  3. Create a separate branch for commonly changing files e.g. HTML / CSS / JavaScript and link that branch to Aerobatic.
  4. In the case of wanting to display large images in your web app, consider deploying them to AWS S3 separately, and then linking to them in your web app using absolute URLs.
  5. Make sure if you are deploying a repo branch, there are no unnecessarily large assets being deployed.
  6. Minify JavaScript assets

If your repository is still timing out after checking for common symptoms, please log an issue and we'll respond as quickly as possible.