Add an ANAME record to your DNS provider

I want to set up an ANAME record to point my apex domain to Aerobatic so that my site can be served from

Step-by-step guide

In this example, we'll use DNS Made Easy and their ANAME records capability.

  1. In the DNS Made Easy console, add a CNAME record. The name value will be "www" and the alias to value will be the CloudFront value you got from Aerobatic when you registered your domain with us. Make sure you add a period "." at the end of the CloudFront value when you enter it in the alias to input box.
  2. In the DNS Made Easy console, add an ANAME record. The name value will be blank and the resolves from value will be "www".
  3. In the Aerobatic Hosting Settings screen, select your domain and set the subdomain to "@" . Aerobatic will automatically redirect users from to


You can check to see if your CNAME and ANAME records have been set up correctly by using a tool like Google's DNS Lookup.