How to Migrate Your Website To The New Aerobatic Using Bitbucket Pipelines

Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Login to

Step 2: Click the link to see a list of legacy sites you can migrate.

Step 3: Click the Migrate to Pro Plan Button

Step 3: Login to Bitbucket and Enable Bitbucket Pipelines in your repo

Step 4: Click Next

Step 5: Copy the YAML file from

Step 6: Paste YAML into Bitbucket Pipelines

Step 7: Create AEROBATIC_API_KEY environment variable

Step 8: Create aerobatic.yml

Copy the contents from the instructions in

Step 9: Finalize Pipelines Configuration

Assuming your pipelines build finished successfully and everything looks good, the last thing to do is to set up your build process for your production site.