How do I add a custom domain to my site?

Aerobatic is no longer a Bitbucket plugin. Please see our custom domain docs at

In the Hosting Settings for your site, click Register a new domain.

On the custom domains screen, click the New domain + SSL button

Enter the domain you wish to register, and click the Next button.

You then need to validate that you own this domain. Click the Send Validation button. This will result in an email being sent from Amazon Web Services to whichever email you have associated with the domain in your WHOIS record.

If you did not get an email from Amazon, check your spam folder. Also check that you have the correct email address associated with the domain in your DNS provider.

Click the Approve Request link from the email sent from Amazon and follow the steps.

Back in Aerobatic, click Validate.

You will then be provided with a CloudFront domain URL. Click the Back to domain manager button.

It can take up to 30 minutes for CloudFront to propagate your domain across the Content Delivery Network.

Once the status shows as Deployed, register this CloudFront domain as a CNAME record with your domain provider. See our docs for more details on DNS settings. Ideally, you will enter the following with you DNS provider, although not all support wildcards. If * doesn't work, instead try www.



Finally, you need to bind your domain to your web site in Aerobatic.

The apex or “naked” domain is the root domain sans any subdomain, i.e. Check with your DNS provider to see if they support such ANAME records. More information can be found in our docs.

Any problems, please create an issue or email us and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible.