Custom domain email validation


I am trying to provision a custom domain with Aerobatic, and I did not receive the validation email.


First of all, check your spam folder. The email comes directly from Amazon Web Services. Aerobatic does not send the verification email. Assuming the email isn't in your spam folder, read on...

Aerobatic uses Amazon Certificate Manager to provision auto-renewing wildcard SSL certificates for your custom domain. As part of that process, Amazon sends an email to the email address associated with the WHOIS record on your domain. However, if you are using a WHOIS privacy protection service e.g. WhoisGuard, your email address is obscured from the WHOIS record, and thus Amazon cannot properly route the validation email.

However, Amazon also automatically sends its validation email to common administrative email addresses e.g. (hostmaster@, postmaster@, webmaster@, administrator@, admin@). So, if you have added privacy protection to your custom domain and you haven't received the validation email, one option would be to create an email address such as and repeat the validation step outlined in this step by step guide.

More details on Amazon Certificate Manager can be found here:

If you are unable to set up an administrative email address, read on...

Some DNS providers don't provide email services. In that situation, you might be unable to set up an administrative email address as described above. One alternative is to set up free email forwarding with a service such as Mailgun. To do so, you just set up a couple of MX records in your DNS dashboard.

Any problems, please create an issue or email us and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible.